Easter and mothers day are coming – now is the time to get your order in for your loved ones….Choose the color or type of stone – I have alot on hand.   Choose your metal, the length of the chain, the type of closure.  Let me help you create that perfect gift for that perfect someone – and for a price that ranges from $20 to $30 generally.   There are some gorgeous new pendants for you to enjoy, so I will leave you to it!!



Green Crystals
Another stone made up of faceted crystals that have been dyed a lovely pale malachite colored green.  This time I wrapped it in gold tone non tarnishing wrapping wire.  It is a larger stone than the last one, with the finished pendant measuring almost 3 inches in length and 1 1/4 inch wide and it is very striking.   It hangs off of an 18 inch long 14k gold plated chain with a magnet closure.   Matching earrings are made up of 4mm and 6mm Swarovski crystals on hypoallergenic ear wires.  Because of the cost of the stone and the higher than normal costs in wrapping it I need to charge $30 for this set.


NOW SOLD!!!     I call this pendant “Delicate Metals” – it is not stone but rather a lovely oval that I fell in love with at Michaels.   I wrapped it in silver wire and hung on an 18 inch sterling silver plate chain that closes with a strong magnet.   This necklace also comes with a pair of matching earrings – My camera simply wouldn’t focus tonight so I will have to attempt to get a better picture of them another day.   The set sells for $22.00

Ruffle edged Brazilian Agate
Ruffle edged Brazilian Agate – This lovely little stone measures about 1 3/8″ x 7/8″.  Brazilian deposits produces agates which normally appear grey.  Only when dyed do they obtain their beautiful coloring.   AS you can see this one is striated with browns ranging in colors from dark browns to tans to almost white.   I wrapped it in silver and the finished pendant is approximately 2 3/8″ long.  It comes with a sterling silver plated chain (18 inches long) with a magnet closure.   $20.00


This pendant is no longer available.   It was awarded to one of the three winners of my “Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday Contest”!

This Dendrite stone is stunning.   It came all the way from India.   As you can see, the white and black markings on the left turn to a dark cloudy gray, with black lightening strikes out past the middle.   The right side of the stone ranges from white to grey down its edge.  I have wrapped it in my usual high quality non-tarnishing silver tone wrapping wire and hung the finished pendant (just a little over 2 inches in length) on a sterling silver plated chain.   $22.00

Now sold!!!   Metallic Haze   I made a necklace with these 1 1/4  inch diameter beads a couple of years ago and this was just an extra bead that had been left over.   It is manmade, plastic in fact.   But it wrapped beautifully and the colors range from lavenders to soft turquoises…I wrapped it in my top quality silver toned wire wrap and hung the finished 2 1/4 ” pendant off a sterling silver plated 18 inch chain that closes with a magnet closure.   The necklace even comes with matching earrings  – simple one inch drops made up of swarovski crystals and Chinese crystals that match the colors in the bead.  Hypoallergenic of course.   Only $20 for the set.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE  This Tree of Life is wrapped on to a grey and green toned agate – I attempted to wrap it in two tones hoping that it would create more depth to the tree.   As I am still learning how to make this style I am offering THIS pendant for just the cost of the materials  $11.   Grab it before its too late!!


This pendant is no longer available.   It was awarded to one of the three winners of my “Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday Contest”!   One somewhat similar to it would be available as I have one additional cabochon that I could wrap in antique copper or bronze or black per your request.

Red Sea Sediment mini Cabochon wrapped in Antique Copper.   The stone in this pendant is Sea Sediment that has been dyed in red, bringing out the beautiful structure of the stone.   It is 20 x 30 mm or about 1 inch wide x 1 1/4 inch long.   The finished length is about 2 inches.  I wrapped it in antique copper to pull out the colors in the stone and it hangs on an antique copper toned chain that is 19 inches long and closes with an antique copper toned magnet.   $20

Gray Faceted Crystal
Gray Faceted Crystal
Name :  Gray Faceted Crystal (Manmade)
Wire Type:  Silver tone wire wrap
Stone Size:   1 1/8″ x 7/8″
Pendant Size:   2 inches
Length of Chain:   18 inches with magnet closure
Chain metal:    Sterling Silver
Cost:    $20.00




striated jasper

Name :  Striated Jasper
Wire Type:    antique copper
Stone Size:  30 x 40 mm
Finished Pendant Size:  2 1/2 inches
Length of Chain:   24 inches
Chain metal:   antique copper
Cost: $15.00
Can be shipped to US address for $3 each.   Email to order


Name :  Green Jasper Mini Pendent
Wire Type:    gold tone wrapping wire
Stone Size:  20 x 30mm (1 1/4″x 1″)
Finished Pendant Size: 2 inches
Length of Chain:  18 inches
Chain metal:    14 k gold plated chain
Cost:  $15.00
Can be shipped to US address for $3 each.   Email to order


SOLD. This is a rectagular Black Onyx stone wrapped in non tarnishing silver tone wire wrap.   The wrap goes all the way around the edges and then comes back up over the top with a triple swirl pattern.   The necklace hangs on a sterling silver plated 18 inch neck chain and sells for $22


gold-n-black-iii all-that-glitters-ii

All that Glitters is not Gold.…these necklaces are gold tone finished…both on the sun spray rods and the necklace chains.   That is why they are selling for only $15 each (both are sold  with  matching earrings – hypoallergenic ).   Choose either the black wavy rhondelles (on the left) or the rhinestone rhondelles (on the right).  Once these are gone there will be no more, as these are the last of my ‘rods’.

Matching hypoallergenic earrings can be added for just $3 more.








Remember  – if you see something you like then email me at  That gets the fastest response.   I can mail these anywhere in the US for $3 for the first necklace and $2 for each additional necklace.