It’s summer here for sure!

I cut and polished this smaller rock in a beautiful cabochon and then did a wire wrap with gold and bronze wire, weaving the bai also. It is strung on a gold tone large link chain 18 inches long and it closes with an oversized lobster claw. $22.00

I am adding more of my wire weaves and wire wraps.   I thought about just posting more of them in the previous post and then decided that you can just scroll through the next post to see them all.   Hopefully I won’t repeat myself.   As you know, I am a retired mom and grandma who spends alot of her time camping with her husband in Arizona, Utah and Idaho.   When we are out ‘on the road’ I find alot of my evenings are spent wire wrapping.   Now I have learned how to weave and I am having great fun experimenting with different patterns and colors.   I have also recently learned how to create my own cabochons (the stones) taking them from either a rock or a slab of rock and cutting them, grinding them, shaping them and polishing them into beautiful cabs that I can then design into a pendant.   At times I am lucky enough to know the name of the stone.  Most of the times I do not.   When I ask the other people in the lapidary shop what a certain rock is they say “A HARD ONE!!”  That is soooooo much help!

If I know the stone I will tell you what it is (besides the ‘hard’ or ‘pretty’ designation).   I use high quality wrapping wire that is non tarnishing – and high quality clasps and connectors.   If I am going to spend 2-6 hours creating a beautiful necklace I want it to last.   I do all of my own wire wrapping and weaving. The pieces are custom made and custom designed.   I usually cannot repeat a design even if I tried to.

I cut and polished this smaller rock in a beautiful cabochon and then did a wire wrap with gold and bronze wire, weaving the bai also. It is strung on a gold tone large link chain 18 inches long and it closes with an oversized lobster claw. $22.00(The pendant is a brighter gold and warmer brown…I will try taking another better picture)



This petite flat faced cabochon comes from India and is filled with fossils! I wire wrapped it in champagne gold and antique bronze wire and it hangs from a 17 1/2″ chain with a magnet clasp. $20.00
The stone is a full size 40x30mm that I cut and polished. I wrapped it in rose gold and antique copper to bring out the colors in the beautiful stone. $22.00
SOLD:  Tushar Mtn Jasper – I wrapped this polished stone in rose gold wire and accented it with antique copper, creating the beautiful chevron pattern you can see on the side. I purchased this stone at a fun little rock shop in Marysvale, Utah not knowing how to wire wrap it – The wire weave works beautifully on odd shaped rocks and this is a One of A Kind jewel!! Due to the lower cost of the stone I can sell this for just $20.00 Earrings can be included at no additional cost.
Coprolite in Copper. This is a medium sized stone that makes a pendant about 2 inches long. I wrapped it in antique copper to bring out the colors in the coprolite. This is a stone that I cut and polished. I wire wrapped the stone and then I wove a pretty bail at the top. $22.00 Did you know that Coproite is simply a fancy name for dinosaur poop? Yep. At our lapidary shop where I make these pretty stones we had a discussion about just what created the different colors…at first someone suggested that it was what the dinosaur may have eaten and then it was decided that it would depend very much on the minerals that replaced the food as it fossilized, in other words, the ground in which the dinosaur was buried. I have seen Coprolite ranging in pale tans through greens and reds!!!  $22.00


Pigeon Blood Jasper…This striking stone jumps out at you with the wire wrap I did in silver and antique copper. A One of a kInd creation. Earrings are available upon request at no additional charge. $25.00
I fell in love with this stone and had to create something with it. This is a full sized cabochon 30x40mm in size – the stone is a translucent agate (actually those terms are redundant but some agates are more translucent than others). I wrapped it in antique bronze and it is truly a work of art (I know, I know, don’t break my arm patting myself on the back! ) It will sell for $25.00
This Green Beauty is a full sized cab that I cut and ground and polished into a 30 x 40mm stone. I then wrapped it in bright bronze with antique bronze wire. The pendant has such personality to it. $22.00
Crazy Lace in Miniature. This is a stone I ground and polished. It is less than one inch high and wire weaving would have made it disappear. So I wire wrapped it and wove the bail, all out of nontarnishing silver toned wire. The finished pendant is approximately two inches long.  I put it on a sterling silver 17 1/2 inch chain and added a magnet clasp. The earrings are made with matching Swarovski crystals. This pendant will look great with greys, black, pinks, mauves, tans and possibly even a pale blue. So delicate. $22.00
This cabochon is right out of a silty sandbed several millenia ago. I have wrapped it in antique bronze and hung it on a matching chain with a toggle clasp. $25.00


Another small cabochon that I created from rock. It is also stripes of sandstone but the lines are at a curved angle and are more tans and browns. I wrapped it in gold and hung it on an 18″ gold (14k) chain. $22.00
This Copper and gold weave was done with a stone that looked beautiful with the bright copper 18 gauge wire- but I didn’t have the 28 gauge in the same color so I experimented and was tickled pink with the resulting weave. It simply jumps out at you. I matched the large pendant with the same two tones in a double chain that closes with a decorative leaf toggle clasp. The stone may be coprolite. $25.00
Sold!!  Oversized Heart in a simple weave. this piece of stone was so beautiful in and of itself I decided to create a simple weave that left the beauty of the stone to shine. I added a woven bail and hung it on a 22 inch chain – It would work well for a man or a woman. $20.00
Wire WRAPPED black crystal, In this picture, and the one following, you will be able to see the difference between a weave and a wrap. This is a wire wrap….it uses much less wire and much less time. I have taken this small crystal stone and wrapped it in nontarnishing silver tone wire. I then WOVE the bail (the part where the chain threads through to hang the pendant off of.) I am finding that the smaller stones look better with a wrap as a weave can overpower the stone if it is too small. I have paired this with a sterling silver chain 18″long. $20,00

Brown Striped Agate. I cut and shaped this cab and then wire wrapped it in antique bronze wire with wire weaving across the stone for interest (and the bail) $22.00 with earrings.  $22.00

If you are interested in purchasing a necklace please contact me at   We can then figure out payment and shipping.  I charge $3 to ship one necklace and earring set anywhere within the United States and $2 for each additional set.  Earrings are available at no additonal charge even if not shown with the picture.   I use hypoallergenic earwires.  ( If you need 14k gold or sterling silver there will be an additional $3 charge)