It’s Summer Now!!


I just got back from my biannual family reunion in mid June, where I always take my jewelry and let my cousins buy whatever they like at cost.  (they like that!)  So that means, my cupboards are kind of bare.  However, I have added couple of new necklaces plus a couple that I re-did the wiring and like a lot better now.  Now, on the first of July I have added even more!   Enjoy!

golden sheen obsidian
Golden Sheen Obsidian. This is the only wrapable Golden Sheen Obsidian Stone that I found at the Obsidian pits west of Kanosh Utah a couple of weeks ago. In the sun the pattern glows a beautiful golden against the black background. I have wrapped the stone in gold nontarnishing 21 gauge wire wrap and strung it on a simple gold chain 18 inches in length with a gold magnet clasp. The stone itself measures about 1 3/4 inches x 1/2 inch and the finished pendant measures about 2 5/8 inches long. One of a kind for sure. $15.00



pink agate 1
SOLD!!  Pink Agate Cabochon:   This gorgeous stone is a pink agate…It is the full size 30 x 40 cc which equals about an inch and three-quarters by 1 and 3/4 wide. I have wrapped it in silver and it is strung on a sterling silver snake chain with a silver toned magnet. The whole pendant is about 2 3/4 ” in length finished. With matching earrings not shown, made of a single dangle of varied pink 6mm Swarovski crystals this set will sell for $25.00


iron pyrite 3
Iron Pyrite Cube – Did you know that iron pyrite grows in the rock as a cube or rectangle!! The back view of the iron pyrite shows an interesting occlusion so I wrapped it so that it could be worn either direction – front or back
iron pyrite 2
The 21 gauge nontarnishing golden wire that I wrapped it in is called Champagne gold, it is a softer gold that matches the color of the iron pyrite perfectly. I added the magnet closure for easy on and off. $20.00



















Here, you can see front and back of the Iron Pyrite Necklace

tusher jasper 1

SOLD!! – Tushar Mountain Jasper #1

With a husband that grew up in Beaver Utah, and spent his summers roaming the Tushar mountains just East of Beaver we were excited to see that they had their own Jaspar!

 This stone is wrapped in a soft rose gold wire wrap that pulls out the colors in the stone.  I am going to have to work harder to get a good picture of the soft pinks and mauves that are natural in this piece of polished rock.  It is so beautiful.   Check back in a couple of days to see if I have updated the picture.

Also I am excited to say that there will be several more Tushar jasper necklaces available as I wrap them – they go from warm peach tones to grays and whites.

 This necklace will sell for $15 with a shaded copper colored  chain

Australian mookaite

This is a one of a kind necklace.

This stone is an Australian Mookaite  (FROM AUSTRALIA EVEN!) I wrapped it in antique bronze with a matching chain – 18 inches in length (with a magnet closure).

The mookaite itself is about 1 inch x 3/4 inch at the widest part at the bottom of the stone. The whole pendant is just barely over 1 1/2 inches in height.  $18.00



June labradorite
Labradorite Cabachon Wrapped in Antique Bronze – Hanging from an 18 inch bronze chain [magnet closure] the pendant is approximately 1 3/4 inches in length. You can see the gorgeous colors in the labrodorite stone that change as the light hits it. I have found that this stone can be worn with greens, blues, turquoises, and browns. Just $20.00
amethyst mini cab
                                     Amethyst Stone Mini Cabochon -sold

(SOLD)  This beautiful amethyst stone is wrapped in non tarnishing silver toned wire wrap and is paired with an 18 inch sterling silver plated

necklace chain that closes with a magnet closure for easy on and off.   $24.00

(I have ordered more mini amethyst cabochons that should arrive in about 5 weeks.   Stay tuned because each of them are different)

Breciated Jasper Mini Cab
Possibly Picture Jasper Mini Cabochon Necklace

This beautiful picture jasper, or maybe breciated jasper mini cabochon, highlights the rich colors of brick and creams in a fascinating ‘non’ pattern.  I have wrapped it in copper tones and it sells for $20.

Dragon Veins Oval Cab
Dragon Veins Oval Cabochon – I rewrapped this stone so that you appreciate the beauty of the stone rather than the “busy-ness” of the wire ‘wing’s.   This is a soft brown Dragon Veins Cab that I have wrapped in non tarnishing gold tone wire wrap.  18 inch chain –$20.00




Wrapped Battle Mtn Turquoise Necklace Earring Set


Stunning Copper and Turquoise Necklace with matching earrings.  These turquoise stones are real  Battle Mountain Turquoise hand wrapped and connected with hammered copper beads and chinese crystals.  The turquoise stone beads are wrapped in a smaller gauge copper toned wire than I normally use creating a stunning  necklace.  The earrings are hanging off of hypoallergenic ear wires, again, using the Battle Mtn Turquoise.

Elegance personified…$30.00


RED TIGEREYE PENDANT AND EARRING SET – This beautiful Red Tiger eye stone is wrapped in 5 strands of copper tone wire to create a striking 2 ” pendant that hangs from a decorative 20 inch copper toned chain. The necklace, with matching hypoallergenic earrings) sells for $20.00 for the set


Rhodochrosite Mini Cabochon
Rhodochrosite Mini Cabochon

Rhodochrosite is a jasper stone of lovely mauve tones with streaks of bronze and blacks and whites.  This stone is wrapped in antique bronze, pulling out the natural bronze tones, and is paired with a bronze chain and sells for $20.


Cherry Quartz Cabochon Necklace Set


This striking necklace set is made up of four cut Cherry Quartz cabochons  strung on quality necklace wire with large chunks of red coral, smokey quartz beads and red  6mm Swarovski bicone crystals.  The matching earrings are hypoallergenic.   Just $20 for the set

2013-04-12 03.28.16 (640x480)

Viking Knit Bracelet in Red and Gold


Viking Knit Bracelet in Reds and Gold….$20 for medium sized wrists.   This bracelet was made from a single strand of 24 gauge wire that I hand “knit” in the same method that the vikings used so many centuries ago. When I was making these bracelets and necklaces I would have sold this bracelet for $35.   Clearance priced at only $20!!


Man made acryllic bead ankle bracelet for medium sized ankle with matching earrings.  $12.00  The ankle bracelet closes with an oversized lobster claw

Cherry Quartz Ankle Bracelet

SOLD!!! (can be re -copied – I have more of the cherry quartz beads)  Beautiful Cherry Quartz Ankle Bracelet accented with antique silver spacers and 6 mm Swarovski crystals – with toggle closure- just $12.00   Can add matching earring for $3.00 more

Ischi Beads and Smokey Quartz Ankle Bracelet

Ischi beads and smokey quartz make up the majority of this ankle bracelet and earring set.   Magnet closure on the ankle bracelet – $12.00 for the set


Rhodenite 1
Rhodenite Cabochon

Full size Rhodonite Cab 30 x 40  mm, wrapped in black and strung on a lovely 18 inch long velvet cord with a magnet closure  – Only $15


Lemon Drops Ankle Bracket and Earring Set –

 Soft lemon colored crystals and pearls with  4mm Swarovski crystals and a gorgeous antique silver toned bead – $15.00 for the set- ankle bracelet and matching earrings


Fancy Jasper Necklace in blends of mauve, lilac, and green for a rich medley of earth tone colors $20.00 (18 inch long with toggle closure)

Tree of Life in Yellows

Tree of Life – These have been a top seller!  This Tree of Life in Yellows is made up with 4mm Swarovski crystals in varying shades of yellow.  Paired with a sterling silver plated chain, 18 inches in length this beauty sells for $25.

trees of life


I also make them as a Mother’s tree or a Grandmother’s tree as you can see at the left.  This is MY family with Ed and I as May birthday’s with 6 mm emerald green Swarovski crystals at the base of the tree – Our five children and their spouses are the five colorful branches with 4 mm size Swarovski crystal, and our 17(!)  grandchildren are the 3 mm sized Swarovski crystals – spread out on the same limbs as their parents.


A third design that I don’t have a picture for is great for that genealogist!   It is a tree made up of various tones of green crystals with a miniature red heart in the middle of the tree.




I am not sure if this is a real stone or cut glass but it looks like a lovely yellow and white marble and so that is what I call it  WHITE AND YELLOW MARBLE CAB, wrapped in gold tone and hanging off  a lovely 20 inch chain that closes with a magnet  closure   $16



Arizona Quartz Crystal

SOLD!!!!    I found this lovely crystal out in the deserts of Arizona and I wrapped it in non-tarnishing silvertoned wire wrap.   It is Quartz with the coloration of the desert sands in which it grew.  It is hanging on a 14k sterling silver plated chain, 18 inches in length.  Only $18

agate in bronze
Natural Agate Stone Wrapped in Bronze

  This is a natural agate stone polished wrapped in Bronze – It hangs from an 18 inch bronze chain with magnet closure.  $20.00


Sandstone in copper

Polished Sandstone wrapped in bright copper on a copper chain – $16

Red Sea Sediment Cabachon

Red Sea Sediment Cabachon

Full sized 30 cm x 40 cm.   This has been a favorite – wrapped in black with a 26 inch black wire chain.   Matching earrings in black and red Swarovski crystals.   $35.00 for the set.

Yellow-Black Cabochon

Yellow and Black Agate Cabochon Necklace

I should call this the egg yolk…but it is an amazing full sized cabochon of yellow and black agate.    Wrapped in black wire wrap and hanging from a 24 inch black chain.  $22.00


Sunset Sky necklace and earring Set –

Dazzling crystals of sparkling orange and blues combine to make a striking set – 18 inches in length with a hook and eye closure of antique gold tone.  $18.00 for the necklace and earring set







Vintag’ Leaf

About three years ago I discovered a fun new form of jewelry design called Vintag’ painting.  I would take a plain metal pendant and paint it with special metal paints then bake them, then put a finish coat on and bake it again and then put a sparkle coat on and bake it again and then the final finish coat and the final ‘bake’.   I did so many of them I gave my self tendonitis so I had to stop.   I pulled out a few of my blank pendants and painted them this week – if I do just a few, it doesn’t hurt!   This beautiful leaf is approximately 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ and hangs from a double chain of copper and bronze with a magnet closure.   $12.00



I believe this is Moss Agate – again, a natural stone cabochon 40 x 30 mm in size that I wrapped in bright gold toned nontarnishing wrapping wire.   It hangs off of a decorative 18″ gold toned chain that closes with a strong magnet closure for easy on and off.  This necklace comes with a pair of beautiful earrings made up of 6mm Swarovski bicone crystals matching several of the colors in the stone.  The earrings are made with hypoallergenic ear wires and are free with the purchase of the necklace  at  $20.00

volcano cherry quartz
Volcano Cherry Quartz Mini Cabochon

Volcano Cherry Quartz wrapped in Bronze.  Mini cab on an 18 inch bronze chain   $20.00

(Matching earrings can be included for just $3 more.   They would be made up of topaz, gold, and brown toned Swarovski crystals dangling from hypoallergenic earwires.)

striated jasper
Striated Jasper Cabochon

Striated Jasper Cabochon wrapped in antique copper.  This 30 x 40 mm cab is a fascinating natural stone of tans, reds, browns and blacks.  This is definitely a One of a Kind necklace.  $20 with an 18 inch antique copper chain that closes with a magnet closure.

Although earrings do not come with the necklace I could make some to match for just $3 more.

REMEMBER…if you see something you like then just message me at this website.   I can mail any necklace within the United States for just an additional $3 -($2 per necklace if there is more than one.)  

Please comment on this page or contact me at to set up exchange of payment and necklaces.