End of March Update:

By the first part of April I should have access to decent internet service again at which time I will be able to add new wire wraps to my site.  I apologize for the slow winter.   I have lots of beautiful stones and cabs to wrap but since I like to wrap while I watch tv and we haven’t had access to television down in Quartzsite this whole winter!!!   Maddening.   I’ve got lots of work to catch up on!!





SOLD!!!   Christmas is almost here and its not too late to choose a beautiful handmade one of a kind pendant for your loved ones or even your very own Christmas stocking!   Just email me at susan@willden.org

Sandstone in copper

This polished sandstone pendant glows with inner beauty.  It is wrapped in bright copper wire wrapping and sells for $15 with a chain.

This seashell is 2 3/4 inches long and is simply wrapped in non tarnishing gold toned wrapping wire. Hanging from a gold toned chain this pendant is yours for only $10


Below…I do have more of these Labradorite stones so watch for additional wraps – they are different sizes and shapes and I will be wrapping them with different color wires – if you want a stone like this and have a preference contact me and let me know and I will ‘wrap’ one up for you.   I had a silver wrapped stone here but it was sold.   This one is wrapped in antique Bronze

Christmas Labradorite
SOLD!!!!   This gorgeous labradorite cabochon glows greens and greys and blues. Wrapped in non tarnishing antique bronze wrapping wire the pendant measures almost 2 inches. $20.00


Opaline Leaf
SOLD!!!   Opaline is a manmade stone that mimics the glow of an opal. This 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ Opaline stone is wrapped in antique copper wire wrap and hangs from a dark copper toned chain. $20.00
peach marble
SOLD!   Peach Marble – a 30 x 20 mm cabochon wrapped in bright copper. The finished pendant is 2 ” long and sells (with a black velvet cord) for just $15.00.