More Wire Wraps



turquoise with copper
$20 Turquoise and copper are always popular and to avoid having to charge $80 for a pendant like this I used Magnalite which is a manmade turquoise that is much less expensive. This is a smaller cabochon – the whole pendant is about 2 inches in length and will hang on a copper chain – you choose the length.


tree of life
Tree of Life in Garnet – i used real garnet stones to start this tree and added 4 mm Swarovski crystals of varying shades of pin to finish it. It hangs on a siver tone chain — just $15


2015-11-18 21.38.28
This oversized stone has an over sized name “Peachblow Onyx Druzy Geode Agate” – it IS more mauve than peach but has beautiful colors in it. The whole pendant is close to 3 1/2 inches in length – wrapped in copper to highlight the peach sediment in the stone it sells for $@0 with copper toned chain


mini green quartz stone
This was a beautful little moss quartz stone that I found and fell in love with. Wrapped in silver wire it is only about 2 inches total and it comes with a silver tone chain for $17 or I will put a sterling silver chain on it and sell it for $22. Matching earrings with 6 mmSwarovski bicone crystals hanging from silver toned hypoallergenic ear wires are available for an additional $3.


matrix pyrite
Matrix Pyrite Turquoise – this fan shaped stone comes from China – This one of a kind pendant Is about two inches high with the gold wire wrap. It hangs on an 18 inch 14 k gold plated chain and sells for $20.





Hot pink dragon veins
Hot Pink Dragon TVeins – this 3 inch pendant is wrapped in silver tone and I have a sterling silver chain on it. This one sells for $22 with matching earrings



Labradorite wrapped in Bronze 1
SOLD!!! Bronze wrapped Labradorite Oval – with bronze chain $20
This elegant Labrodorite stone is the same stone seen below wrapped in bronze. Imagine my surprise when I wrapped this one in silver and it turned almost blue compared to the green tones that came out in the bronze wrap. I wish I had taken pictures of the stones prior to wrapping them. This pendant sells for $25 with chain
SOLD – Silver wrapped Labradorite stone. This pendant sells for $25 with sterling silver chain
2015-11-09 10.27.06
SOLDCopper wrapped Labradorite stone. With chain $20
Gold wrapped labradorite
Labradorite wrapped in gold with 14k gold plated chain. $25.00




These four stones are all the same!!!   Imagine my surprise when I wrapped them in different colors of wire and they turned into such different colors  . I wish I had taken pictures of the stones prior to wrapping them.  But each of them make stunning necklaces.  The differences in the price indicate the increased cost of the chain – they would each sell for $20 if they had a silver toned, copper toned, gold toned or bronze toned chain.