Spring Dreams 2017


Welcome Back….I have discovered the fun world of lapidary!!  Where I take stone slabs about 3/8 thick and cut and grind and polish them into beaufiful cabochons that I can then wrap.  I will note as I add the pictures which stones I have made myself.  If I don’t mention the work that goes into a cabochon Then I probably didn’t work it.   I love creating these beautiful pendants – I put a minimum of 3 hours into each pendant that I create from the rock slab through the wrapping process.   I could and should charge a lot more but I simply want to make enough to pay for my habit.  You are the winner here!  

It is almost May!!!  Mother’s Day is almost here.  What would be a nicer gift than a handcrafted one of a kind necklace

Also note at the end of the post there are quite a few of my designs on CLEARANCE SALE!  There is nothing wrong with these pendants, but I need to make room for more (so I can keep up with my ‘habit’.   Hopefully there is something there that catches your eye!

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SOLD:  Rose gold wire weaving. This is a gorgeous one of a kind creations with matching earrings of Swarovski crystals and glass pearls. The pendant hangs on a rose gold chain. Since this is only my second attempt at wire weaving I am only charging $22.00 for this set. With more practice the price will increase so grab this beauty while you can

I mentioned that I have found that I enjoy doing the lapidary work on these stones.   To take a piece of rock and cut it and shape it and grind it and finally pollish it into a workable cabochon is very fulfilling.   Then I get to take that finished cab and wrap it in non tarnishing wrapping wire and create a work of art is such a thrill.

2 – This adorable little crazy lace agate PENDANT measures only 1 3/4 inch in length. The stone is a delicate 1 x 3/4 inch in size. I cut and ground and polished this stone and then wrapped it in antique copper. The matching earrings are 4mm Swarovski crystals hanging from hypoallergenic ear wires. Just $20.00 for the set
3 -Crazy Lace in Antique Copper. This section of the rock slab definitely called for the antique copper wire wraps. The silver tones washed out against it and the copper brings out the gorgeous colors. The length of the finished pendant is 2 1/4 inches long and it has lovely matching earrings also. $20.00 for the set
3 – Another picture of the Crazy Lace wrapped in Antique Copper. Although this is the largest of all four crazy lace pendants that I have it is still a smaller cabochon.)
4 – Square Crazy Lace …This is the only one of the four crazy lace agates that I have that I did NOT cut and grind and polish. I purchased this beautiful 1″ x 7/8″ almost square cabochon. I did wrap it however, by hand and I chose the antique copper to pull out the colors in the stone. Matching hypoallergenc earrings complete the set for just $20.00 ONE OF A KIND – handmade!

Now for some more beauties!!!   Remember, if you want something changed like the length of the chain or say, a toggle closure instead of a magnet closure no problem!  Just message me with your order – petalsoftjewelry@willden.org and the message will get right to me.

Golden tiger’s eye cab wrapped in gold non tarnishing wire wrap with a beautiful Swarovski crystal hanging in the middle. $20.00 with matching earrings
Another view of the Golden Tigers Eye. Please note that the earrings shown in this photo have been replaced by the set shown in the picture to the left
Oversized Geode Slice - 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches with large chain. $20
This oversized slab of stone was cut from the center of a geode that never fully crystallized.  I wrapped it in non tarnishing silver tone wrap and hung it on a manly chain.     The stone is about 3 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches with large chain. $20/$10


Golden Triangle - This is a stone I bought already cut and polished. The triangular cab measures 2 inches on each side and finished with the non tarnishing wire wrap it measures about 2 3/4 inches high. I have paired it with bright gold chain that can be cut to any length you would want. $20 with matching earrings.
Golden Triangle – This is a stone I bought already cut and polished. The triangular cab measures 2 inches on each side and finished with the non tarnishing wire wrap it measures about 2 3/4 inches high. I have paired it with bright gold chain that can be cut to any length you would want. $20/$10 with matching earrings.



Decorative toggle and bolt clasp for easy on and off.
Picture jasper – I purchased this 1 1/2″ diameter round cabochon from a member of the Quartzsite Gem and Mineral Club. The striking stone is wrapped in nontarnishing gold tone wire wrap with a 29 inch gold tone chain that can be shortened on request. The finished pendant measures 2 1/4″ x 1 5/8″. The fun earrings are hypoallergenic. The set sells for $20.00/$10.00


Matching earrings for the Picture jasper pendant with 6mm and 8mm Swarovski crystals


















Labradorite in Gold – the labradorite is one of the most beautiful stones as it constantly catches the light and reflects it. I wrapped this one in gold toned wrapping wire and put it on an 18 inch gold chain and added some fun triple drop earrings to match. $20.00 for the set


Striking gray and pink cabochon wrapped in silver toned non tarnishing wire wrap and hanging on an 18 inch long sterling silver chain that closes with a magnet clasp for easy on and off. The matching earrings are smokey toned Swarovski crystals on a decorative pin.
$18.00/$9.00 for the set
Sea Glass wrapped in nontarnishing silver tone wire wrap. This is a piece of sea glass (actual broken glass, possibly an old coke bottle, that has been tumbled in the ocean and lands back on shore with soft edges!) I found it on the beach in Florida! I have wrapped it simply with cross wraps and twists in order to let it stand on it’s own. Since the glass didn’t cost me anything I can sell this pendant and earrings for less – $14.00/!



SOLD:  Golden Sheen Obsidian $10,00 Handwrapped in non tarnishing gold tone wire wrap with an 18 inch gold tone chain
Dragon Veins stone wrapped in gold tone nontarnishing wrapping wire. Gold tone chain with magnet closure $10.00. Handmade, one of a kind. $10.00/$5.00
Striated Jasper – full size 40 x 30mm cabochon wrapped in antique copper toned wrapping wire. 18 inch copper toned chain with magnet closure $10.00/$5.00 HAND MADE, ONE OF A KIND!
Tree of Life in Yellow – The last of my Tree of Life Pendants. They were wildly popular and this one is the last one I have left. Shades of Yellow 4mm Swarovski crystals make up the tree – it hangs on an 18 inch long silver chain with a magnet closure. $10.00/$5.00 HAND MADE, ONE OF A KIND!


Ruffle edged Brazilian Agate – this delicate stone is 1 1/4″ x 3/4″ before the wire wrap. The finished pendant measures almost 2 1/2″ long. $10.00/$5.00 HAND MADE, ONE OF A KIND!


Gray Faceted Crystal …experimenting with a crystal bead I ended up with this beautiful pendant wrapped in non tarnishing silver tone wire wrap. It is a smokey and the finished pendant measures 2 inches in length. $10.00/$5.00 HAND MADE, ONE OF A KIND!
This is cherry volcano quartz – without any pink showing!!! This beautiful little agate measures less than 2 inches long FINISHED! I wrapped it in a champagne gold…not as bright as a regular gold tone but it creates an elegant pendantl. It hangs on an 18 inch long champagne gold tone chain that closes with a toggle and bolt clasp for easy on and off
Green Adventurine full sized 40mm x 30 mm cabochon wrapped in silver tone non tarnishing wire wrap. Finished pendant is 2 3/8″ in length and it hangs on a silver tone chain with a toggle closure. Matching earrings $10.00/$5.00 HAND MADE, ONE OF A KIND!


That’s it for now….remember I guarantee my work – you have to be happy with your purchase or you can return it to me and I will reimburse you the full payment price.   I use top quality materials so you can be sure that you are getting your monies worth.